All you have to know about your new life in El Cajon in California

Life in El Cajon in California

Discover your new environment!

El Cajon in California

AAA American Aviation Academy is located in El Cajon - about 15 miles / 25 km from San Diego.

Here are some websites where you will find information about your new environment.

El Cajon in California

Accomodations in El Cajon

We have AAA student accomodations

Accommodation is available upon request. Our student accommodation is air conditioned, furnished and has internet, basic cable TV, bed linen, furnished kitchen, laundry room, chargeable utilities, pool access and a shuttle service reserved for students from Monday to Friday 3 times a day from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (when using AAA accommodation). They are located next to a shopping center. We can recommend other accommodations.


How to get around El Cajon and San Diego. We recommend that you buy a used vehicle, although long-term rentals are possible.

Student health insurance

We can suggest the following two companies. You can of course choose another one.

Visa and TSA

Legal requirements

In order to have a flight training in the United States, you are required to have an M-1 Student Visa. In addition, you are required to register with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Instructions to apply for TSA will be sent to you after initial enrollment. Once we receive your application and course deposit, we will process your I-20 form, which you need to take to the US Embassy to obtain the M1 visa. All required paperwork will be expressed mailed to you and should be received within approximately 4-6 working days. The processing times for the M1 visa can vary from country to country. For a list of current wait times, please visit the US Embassy Website.

All students who are not US Citizens and who are not Permanent US Residents need to have the appropriate visa for flight training as well as TSA (Transportation Security Administration) approval.

Permanent US Residents also need TSA approval, although a visa is not required.

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ATPL EASA/FAA IN CALIFORNIA - THEORETICAL AND PRACTICAL TRAINING - BECOME A PILOT - Frozen ATPL - Integrated ATPL Credits : Aero Consulting Formations aéronautiques
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