FAA + EASA career pilot programm

ATPL EASA / FAA Training in California

Partnership Aero Consulting & AAA American Aviation Academy


Your flight school in California

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The advantages of our training

An much more attractive price

The rates charged in the United States are more advantageous than in Europe

An international environment

In the United States, you will experience a total immersion and you will evolve in one of the densest airspace in the world

Blue skies almost year round

California's favorable weather will allow you to fly most of the year

An international training

In addition to your ATPL FAA licence, you will get ATPL EASA,
which will allow you to practice your trade anywhere in the world.

Get both American FAA and European EASA ATPL pilot license in California

Learn to fly in sunny California!

Located in the far south of California, San Diego is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Peninsular Ranges to the east. Its dry, sunny summers and very mild winters make San Diego climate one of the ten most pleasants in the United States according to The Weather Channel!  

With over 300 days of favorable flight weather for your learning in San Diego, we can speed up our training programs and save you time and money. 

FAA + EASA carreer pilot programm

You get the best of both Worlds and a pilot never knows where the current job opportunities might take him!

The Career Pilot Program includes 12 – 15 months of structured training to include all required flight and ground school.


Your license will be valid everywhere in the world

Our students come from all over the world

The majority of our cadets are international students from all over the world. We offer structured courses that give students the best learning environment both in class and during practical flight training. Our 200-300 hour career-path courses can generally last 8 to 14 months to complete. In addition, we offer a variety of other licenses and ratings that allow students to meet other requirements based on their career needs. In short, we will do what is necessary to meet your goals!

The American Aviation Academy fleet

We offer a wide variety of aircrafts to provide the best learning experience for our students. This is a list of our current inventory, 21 planes including :


Cessna 172 G1000 Glass Cockpit x2

Cessna 172 SP Model x5

Piper Warrior PA-28-161hp x4

Cessna 172 RG Complex Aircraft Trainer x1

Piper Arrow PA-28R-180 - Complex Aircraft Trainer x1

Duchess BE-76 Twin Multi Engine x2

Piper PA-34 Twin Engine x1

Cessna 172 P Model (Garmin 430) x3

Here are just a few reasons why choosing AAA American Aviation Academy is right for you!

A unique and unforgettable experience

  • Climate and overall flying conditions
  • Perfect airport location for simple and complex air traffic
  • Easy access to public transport and new trolley system near school
  • Cultural diversity throughout the school and San Diego

  • We’re an FAA Part 141 Flight School. Our 141 status requires us to meet the most stringent FAA requirements, which translates into better training and safer airplanes for you (NOTE: our 141 approved programs are the Private Pilot License, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot License, Certified Flight Instructor, and Certified Instrument Instructor courses).
  • We’re GI Bill Approved. At AAA, you can use your GI Bill benefits to begin a career as a professional pilot. You can check out our Military Veterans page for more information.
  • We’re VISA Approved. We have years of experience with international flight students, from processing the required forms with the necessary US government offices, to helping non-english speaking students gain english language proficiency.
  • We’re a Liberty University Flight Training Affiliate totally online from a prestigious nationally known university!
  • We use the Cessna/King Schools Ground School Curriculum. This time-tested program has equivalent in the industry for both quality and convenience.

Practical questions


You can find more information about AAA American Aviation Academy by clicking here.

A practical information page will facilitate your installation in El Cajon where our facilities are located: accommodation, transport, banks and health insurance.

Information request and registration

Still a doubt? Contact us! We will answer to you with maximum precision.

Frequently Asked Questions


You will find a list of questions that our students ask us most often. Theu are classified by theme. 

Aero Consulting Formations aéronautiques ATPL EASA/FAA IN CALIFORNIA - THEORETICAL AND PRACTICAL TRAINING - BECOME A PILOT - Apply now Crédits : Aero Consulting Formations aéronautiques
Aero Consulting Formations aéronautiques ATPL EASA/FAA IN CALIFORNIA - THEORETICAL AND PRACTICAL TRAINING - BECOME A PILOT   Aero Consulting offers you integrated ATLP training in California in San Diego (USA) Crédits : Aero Consulting Formations aéronautiques
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